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Founded in 2001 by Mitchell Ward, CEO, MW Logistics, LLC., is a privately held, non-asset 3PL that designs logistic and transportation solutions for businesses. Working with asset-based partners, we secure shipping capacity and services across multiple transportation modes, including over the road, rail and bulk/tanker options. Achieving profitability early on, MWL has continuously grown with its diverse base of Fortune 500 customers and carrier relationships. With our talented and experienced team, MW Logistics has emerged as one of the leading third-party logistics providers in North America.

Our Customers

MW Logistics has a diverse group of customers, which include Fortune 500 Companies such as:



MWL’s network of transportation solutions includes access to bulk carriers with food-grade and non-food-grade trailers.


MW Logistics can source capacity for you to meet the seasonal and unplanned transportation needs.

Managed Transportation Solutions (Dedicated):

While MWL is a non-asset 3PL, our relationships with our broad based, pre-qualified Asset Based Partners allows us to provide capacity for our customers.


MW Logistics has Intermodal capabilities to ensure your product will be delivered safely, professionally, and on-time.

Join Us


Our MW Logistics team recognizes the importance of Carriers to our business. Carriers enable us to deliver on our promise to our customers to meet their shipping needs and expectations. As a Carrier you will be able to select from competitively priced freight. With MWL, through access to our Web Portal, you will have the information you need to successfully handle shipments and to know the status of your payments.

Need a logistics solution?

MW Logistics makes sure your load gets delivered. If you’re a customer or carrier that would like to learn more about our services and capabilities, feel free to reach out to us. Our team is ready to serve you and your business.

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