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MW Logistics expands its office space

MW Logistics expands its office space


MW Logistics recently expanded its office space to accommodate future growth and development. As a part of MW Logistics expansion plan, this new space fosters communication, collaboration and performance excellence of our employees.

The new headquarters doubled the space and opened it up to a new concept that inspires collaboration and utilizes the latest technology. Inside this place, both our employees and clients will find conference rooms that will allow us to enhance customer interactions, areas for team collaboration and brainstorming, and areas for employees to decompress, refocus and encourage free form thinking.

Our operations will be enhanced with upgraded technology, tools and resources that will allow MW Logistics to work more efficiently in a more scalable fashion. We now have more tools for visible data for all employees in real time, insights and information.

Our optimization of technology, our superior ability to give the latest data insights and evaluate it to our client’s business needs, is a big portion of our value proposition.

All of these elements come together to enhance the great customer experience we are known for. One that is responsive, timely and always accurate and that you get when doing business with MW Logistics.

With these changes in place, we look forward to working with our clients and to partnering with them in meeting their logistics needs.